Court TV’s Nancy Grace

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on June 26, 2005

Please tell us about Court TV's Nancy Grace.
—Jessica R., New York

Tragedy was the basis of Nancy Grace's professional choice and lifelong quest for justice. The never-married Grace was just 20 when her fiancé was murdered and her original plan to become an English professor was derailed. Born in Macon, Ga., Grace graduated from Mercer Law School and served a decade as a special prosecutor in the Fulton County District Attorney's Office in Atlanta before she sat on a panel of legal experts in New York and was noticed by Court TV's founder. Thus her television career was born in 1997. She hosts Court TV's Nancy Grace: Closing Arguments and Nancy Grace on CNN Headline News, "wearing the same pair of cowboy boots every night of my show for good luck," says New York-based Grace, 45. "Getting to do this allows me to continue to be a victim's rights advocate. I always try to do what's right, be it on the side of the defense or the state."