Nancy Travis of ‘Last Man Standing’

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on May 21, 2012


Is Nancy Travis a mom, or does she just play one on Last Man Standing?
—Sharon Barkley, Calexico, Calif.
The New York City-born actress, 50, has two sons, 10 and 14, with husband/media entrepreneur Robert N. Fried. But since her character on the ABC sitcom has three daughters, she doesn’t see many similarities at all between her real life and her reel life. 
“The whole thing about what they wear, hair, nails and jewels doesn’t exist in my house,” she says. 
When Last Man Standing wraps for the season, Travis says she is going to take advantage of the break and do some traveling with her family. “We are at a point where our sons like to be with us, so this summer we will go to Israel and a little bit of Europe,” she adds. “We are trying to do the big trips while I have income and the kids want to be with us.”