Neve Campbell’s Return to Television?

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on January 15, 2013

I was a big “Party of Five” fan. Is there any chance that Neve Campbell will return to series TV?
—Olivia Chong, Seattle, Wash.

The former “Scream” star, 39, has been making guest star appearances on TV shows including “Grey’s Anatomy,” co-starring in the miniseries “Titanic: Blood and Steel,” voicing a character on “The Simpsons” and starring in the Lifetime Television movie, “An Amish Murder,” which has the potential for becoming a series.

But as a new mom—son Caspian was born in August 2012—she says, “For me, if I do a TV show again, I would want it to be for cable, only because I am a mom. I did a network show for a long time, and it takes up your entire life. I am not willing to do that with Caspian. So if I do something, I want it to be intriguing and different, but not take up all my time 10 months a year.”

As a first-time mom, the Canadian-born Campbell isn’t getting a lot of sleep, but she feels that it is worth it. “Anything that is exhausting is worthwhile,” she says, “because it is a beautiful experience. I am absolutely loving being a mother. Caspian is a beautiful little soul and we are madly in love.”