About Nia Peeples

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on January 26, 2003

What is Nia Peeples doing since Walker, Texas Ranger went off the air? Is she married? Any children? She is a super actress.
—Jay S., New Mexico

She's been working on a television pilot and has a movie that came out in November, Half Past Dead with Steven Seagal. The can-you-believe-she's-41-years-old actress and singer is married to stuntman Lauro Chartrand and has two children. Peeples' journey into show business started when her father was looking for an activity the family could enjoy together. Peeples' mom had been a Polynesian dancer, so the family spent Sundays learning the dances. Before long, Peeples' father realized he had a talented crew at home, and Peeples, her two sisters, and mom began performing for conventions and charity events. Throughout high school, Peeples sang and also excelled academically. She went to UCLA on a scholarship but left early to pursue her career. Her breakthrough role was in the television series Fame, and she built a solid singing and songwriting career in the 1980s but has been concentrating on acting for the last several years.