Nick Lachey on Touring with a Newborn

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on July 16, 2013
Nick Lachey-The Winner Is - Season 1
Nick Lachey

Now that Nick Lachey is a father, will he be taking his son on the road for this summer’s 98 Degrees tour?
—Olivia Bates, Cincinnati, Ohio

Lachey, 39, whose son Camden with wife Vanessa Minnillo, 32, was born last September, is definitely taking the family on the road with him for this summer’s tour—even with all the difficulties that ensue.

“When I get off stage late at night and we have a record signing until midnight, and then come home and unwind and get in bed at 2, and he gets up at 7:30, he doesn’t care what you did the night before. He is ready to eat,” says the Harlan, Ky.-born singer/TV personality.

He adds, “You have to learn to balance your schedule a little better than we did in 2001 on our last tour, but it is an awesome experience to be out on the road with my family. He is changing so much on a daily basis; I can’t imagine not being there to see all of that.”

Fatherhood has been such an inspiration to Lachey that he recorded an album of classic and original lullabies appropriately titled, “A Father’s Lullaby.”

“Music and writing have always been a great way for me to express myself,” he says. “A lullaby album made a lot of sense. It was a special way for me to go through the emotions you go through as a new father.”

In addition to the tour, this summer Lachey is back on NBC as host of a new talent game show, “The Winner Is,” in which six acts compete against each other for a shot at a million-dollar grand prize.

“Sometimes when you are in this business, it can become such a business that you sometimes forget the joy of why you started singing to begin with,” Lachey says. “What I have found in doing shows like this is you kind of get that rekindled. You see the organic joy and excitement that people have for what they love to do, which is sing. For me, it is an exciting way to be around music.”