Actress Nicolette Sheridan

Celebrity Q&A, People
on September 23, 2011

I have read that Nicollette Sheridan is a horsewoman in real life. Was it hard for her to play someone who doesn't know how to ride in the Hallmark Channel's Honeymoon for One movie?
—Susie Butler, Beaumont, Texas

Sheridan says the opposite is true. Knowing how to ride made it easy to do the stunts where she looks as if she can't ride and falls off her horse. "The sky was the limit," she says. "Whatever [stunts they] wanted, I would perform."

The former Desperate Housewives co-star actually helped teach actor Greg Wise, who played the riding teacher in Honeymoon for One, the ropes. "He really hadn't been on a horse before," she recalls. "So we went off together to the stables and found the one that he felt most comfortable on, and I taught some little tricks here and there to make him look like he really knew what he was doing."

Sheridan, 47, says her mother put her on a horse when she was about 3, and these days she finds serenity when she is out riding with her horse and her dog.