Actress-dancer Nikki Cox

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on July 24, 2005

What is Nikki Cox doing now? Is her former WB sitcom, Unhappily Ever After, available on DVD or being shown as reruns?
—Tim W., Nebraska

Actress Nikki Cox, 27, plays the role of Mary Connell on NBC's Las Vegas. While growing up in Los Angeles, Cox knew early on that she wanted to perform and started her career as a dancer at age 10. Her dance credits include the feature film Mac and Me, the Los Angeles Music Center Ballet and the Joffrey Ballet, as well as high-profile music videos such as Michael Jackson's Moonwalker and Paula Abdul's Forever Your Girl. From 1995 until 1999, Cox portrayed Tiffany Malloy on Unhappily Ever After, and while it has been shown in reruns since going off the air, it is not currently in reruns nor yet available on DVD. Cox, who is single, lives in Los Angeles.