The Oak Ridge Boys

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on January 30, 2005

What are the Oak Ridge Boys doing now?
—Ralph L., Kentucky

Individually the four members of The Oak Ridge Boys have their own interests: Joe Bonsall is a writer, whose most recent books are An Inconvenient Christmas, a children's story, and The Oak Ridge Boys: An American Journey, an anecdotal history of the group since the 1970s. William Lee Golden paints, while Duane Allen is a music producer. Richard Sterban is part-owner of a minor league baseball team. But as The Oak Ridge Boys, they're singing, just as they have been for decades, performing about 170 shows a year across the country. Their most recent album is called The Journey. "We love doing this, that's obvious," Bonsall says, explaining their longevity. "God blessed us with good health, so we're feeling good—and singing good! But we also have the opportunity to make new music, and that keeps you excited."