Actress Odette Annable

Celebrity Q&A, People
on December 9, 2011

Is actress Odette Annable on House related to David Annable?

—Blake Carlin, Moorhead, Miss.

The two are not related biologically, but by marriage. The 26-year-old actress began her career as Odette Yustman, but when she married the Brothers & Sisters star in 2010, she took his name both personally and professionally.

Annable, who was born in Los Angeles, began acting at age 5 in the movie Kindergarten Cop, and she feels that her current role as Dr. Jessica Adams on House is unlike anything she has ever done. "I feel so lucky thus far in my career not to have been stereotyped. I've been able to do a little bit of everything but this is so different. This is a television show that's on the highest caliber of writing and acting. I think it's so flawlessly executed, and it's definitely been the biggest challenge that I have had yet."