Organizing Kitchen Cabinets

Featured Article, Household DIY Tips
on September 21, 2013
pot organizer

The days of endlessly searching for the right pot or baking sheet are over!  With these simple fixes, you will organize your kitchen in no time.

How to Build a Pot Organizer

To end kitchen clutter created by pots and pans, Club member Wallace Calvin of Metairie, Louisiana, created this space-saving storage system. He attached a length of 1-1/2 x 2-in. stock to a standard extension drawer slide. Then he screwed 1-1/2-in. mug hooks into the stock (about 3 in. OC) and mounted the assembly upside down in a base cabinet, just below an existing drawer. When he needs a pot, he simply slides out the holder. You can customize the hook spacing to accommodate your needs, and because drawer extensions are sold in pairs, you might as well make two racks.

How to Store Baking Sheets

To help his wife keep her many baking sheets organized, Club member John Bottomley of Lutz, Florida, came up with this clever storage device. He drilled a series of 3/4-in.-dia. holes at an upward angle of 10 degrees through a sheet of 1/2-in. birch plywood sized to fit the back of a kitchen cabinet. He then glued short lengths of 3/4-in.-dia. dowel into the holes. Once the adhesive cured, he fastened the panel to the back of the cabinet. The dowels hold the baking sheets nearly horizontal, providing quick and easy access.