Our America’s Lisa Ling

Celebrity Q&A, People
on July 11, 2011

Lisa Ling seems fearless on her new TV show Our America. She covers what appear to be some very dangerous stories. Does she ever feel she is putting herself in danger?
—Mary Avery, Johnston, Ohio

Ling, 37, who was born in Sacramento, Calif., does examine some very risky topics for her OWN network documentary series, which often involves confronting zealots, sex offenders and drug addicts who may not want to be seen on TV.

She admits at times she gets nervous. “When I was with heroin addicts about to go on a drug run, or when my team and I—a team of all women—were in the middle of a sex-offender colony in the middle of the woods of Florida, those moments made me a little nervous,” she says.

But the former The View co-host goes on to say that, whereas she only spends a couple of weeks in the field covering these stories and putting herself in jeopardy, the people who live under these circumstances do so on a daily basis. “Our job really is to try and immerse ourselves in these worlds and try and communicate people’s lives and stories to a wider audience.”