Actress Patricia Heaton

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on May 26, 2002

Is the woman who plays Debra on Everybody Loves Raymond the same person who used to play Pat on Saturday Night Live?
—Trine N., California

No. Julia Sweeney played the androgynous Pat in the Saturday Night Live skits and in the 1994 movie It's Pat. Patricia Heaton portrays Debra Barone on the CBS comedy. Heaton, 44, has won two Emmys for her work on the show. She is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, and made her Broadway debut in the gospel musical Don't Get God Started while still studying with her drama teacher, William Esper. She and some others later founded Stage Three, an acting company that produced off-Broadway plays. It was in the company's production of The Johnstown Vindicator in Los Angeles that Heaton drew the attention of casting directors. She has co-starred in the series Room for Two, Someone Like Me, and Women of the House. Heaton also had a recurring role on thirtysomething. Movie credits include Memoirs of an Invisible Man,
Beethoven, and Space Jam. Heaton lives with her husband
and four sons in Los Angeles.