JAG' Star Patrick Labyorteaux

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on March 2, 2003

JAG is our favorite television show. Did co-star Patrick Labyorteaux, who plays Lt. Bud Roberts, suffer a recent injury that requires a prosthesis, or is it all special effects?
—Tammie P., New Hampshire

Lt. Bud Roberts' missing leg is done with clever camera work and special effects, says Diane Ekeblad, a spokeswoman for the CBS show. "I'm happy to report Patrick Labyorteaux has not suffered any injury regarding his leg. He's just a very good actor," she adds. The actor, who began his stage career at age 3 in a local stage play in Hollywood, did work with real amputees at a military hospital to study how he should carry himself. Labyorteaux, 37, appeared in such films as Mame and was a regular on the television series Little House on the Prairie. He had a co-starring role in the pilot episode of JAG, and the executive producer liked the comic relief his character provided so much that Labyorteaux was brought back as a series regular. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and 1-year-old son.