PBS Commentator Paul Gigot

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on October 20, 2002

My favorite PBS commentator, Paul Gigot, is no longer there. Is he now a Wall Street Journal executive? What is his nationality?
—Marg D., Oregon

Paul Gigot, 46, stopped appearing on NewsHour last September, when he became editorial page editor at the Wall Street Journal. The job required a move from Washington, D.C., to New York. A native of Green Bay, Wis., Gigot's family background is French and Belgian. He graduated with honors from Dartmouth College and joined the Wall Street Journal as a reporter, first in Chicago in 1980, then in Hong Kong in 1982. Two years later he won an Overseas Press Award for his reporting. That same year he was named editorial page editor of The Asian Wall Street Journal. In 1987 he began writing his own column, Potomac Watch, winning a Pulitzer Prize for commentary for it in 2000. He started adding his gentlemanly, conservative punditry alongside commentator Mark Shields on NewsHour in 1994.