Hollywood Couple Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

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on June 16, 2002

How long have Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward been married?
—Regina D., Iowa

This enduring show business couple has been married since 1958, the same year they starred together in The Long Hot Summer. They have three adult daughters. Newman, 77, also has two daughters from a previous marriage. (His son died in 1978.) Newman and Woodward, 72, have had amazing careers—he's won three Academy Awards (one for best actor, one honorary, and the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award), and she's won an Oscar and three Emmy awards. Newman directed his wife in the much-acclaimed Rachel, Rachel and in several other projects. They've starred together in The Long Hot Summer, Harry and Son, and Mr. and Mrs. Bridge. Newman divides his time between Westport, Conn., and New York City and often can be found on the auto racing circuit with his team. His line of food, Newman's Own, has raised more than $100 million for charities since it was established in 1982. You can next see Newman in Road to Perdition, scheduled for release next month.