Olympian Peggy Fleming

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on July 14, 2002

What has Olympic gold medalist Peggy Fleming been doing?
—W. Shrum, Arkansas

If you watched the women's skating competition at this year's Olympics, you may have spotted former champion Peggy Fleming in the audience, cheering on the American team. Or, if you tune in to skating events on ABC, you can find her offering commentary as a figure skating announcer, a position she's held since 1981. Fleming began figure skating at age 9. She competed at the 1964 Olympics, taking sixth place in the women's figure skating competition. ABC named her "Athlete of the Year" in 1967, an honor she lived up to at the 1968 Olympics when she took home a gold medal. In addition, Fleming has won five U.S. National Championships and three World Championships. Following her Olympics win, Fleming was America's Sweetheart. She starred in five television specials soon after her win, and her popularity remained strong over the years. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998, she went public, encouraging women to get checked and to allay their fears about the disease. She remains involved in health and sports issues. She and her husband, Dr. Greg Jenkins, a dermatologist, live in the San Francisco Bay area. They have two sons and one grandson.