Singer Peggy Lee

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on December 16, 2001

I heard on the radio that singer Peggy Lee has suffered a stroke, but I haven't heard an update. Can you furnish one, as well as a brief bio on this star?
—Carra A., Arkansas

Lee still is recovering from the stroke she had in 1998 but has amazed her doctors with the progress she's made. Born Norma Deloris Egstrom in Jamestown, N.D., in 1920, Lee sang in North Dakota and on the West Coast before joining Benny Goodman in Chicago in 1941. With Goodman, she enjoyed a string of hits. Lee briefly left show business after marrying Goodman guitarist Dave Barbour in 1943, but she returned to record with Capitol and Decca through the mid-'40s and '50s. By 1959, Lee had garnered more than 40 hit singles. She also appeared in a number of feature films, including Mr. Music with Bing Crosby, and received an Oscar nomination for her role in 1955's Pete Kelly's Blues. She continued to record through the early '90s. Lee lives in Bel Air, Calif.