‘Perfect Strangers’ Star Bronson Pinchot Today

Celebrity Q&A
on May 19, 2013
"Perfect Strangers" star Bronson Pinchot

What is Bronson Pinchot of the TV series “Perfect Strangers” doing today?
—Bill Middlebrooks, Alexander City, Ala.

The 54-year-old native New Yorker, who played Balki on that 1986-1993 sitcom, “Perfect Strangers,” stars in “The Bronson Pinchot Project” on DIY Network. The home restoration show centers on his business of buying neglected old homes and businesses in Harford, Pa., and restoring them to their former glory using only salvaged materials. “The difference between this and any other remodeling show that I’m aware of is that I have absolutely no game plan, except I know how I want the room to feel and I don’t care what I have to do to achieve it,” he says.

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