Pet Parenting: Halloween Dos and Don'ts

on October 20, 2014
Halloween Pet Safety

Blogger Lindsay Stordahl from shares her tricks for keeping your four-legged family members safe on the big night.

Don’t leave your pet unsupervised while he’s in costume. He may chew on or pull off his Superman cape or pirate hat and hurt himself in the process.

Do make sure your pup’s Princess Leia outfit doesn’t obstruct her vision or hearing.

Don’t let Kitty or Spot near lighted jack-o-lanterns or other potentially dangerous decorations.

Do keep candy out of reach— chocolate in particular can be toxic to dogs and cats, but too much of any unfamiliar food can mess with their tummies (and leave you with some gnarly clean-up duties).

Don’t let your black cat wander outside on Halloween night—she could be a target for pranksters.

Do make sure your pets’ tags and/or microchips have up-to-date contact info, just in case.


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