Author Peter Jenkins

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on January 19, 2003

Peter Jenkins wrote A Walk Across America and a book on Alaska. His Walk book only took him halfway. Did he finish his walk? Will there be another book?
—Billie E., Texas

Peter Jenkins wrote two books about his 4,500-mile, five-year cross-country trek. A Walk Across America told the story of his walk from Alfred, N.Y., to New Orleans, La. The Walk West described the rest of the journey, which ended at the Pacific Ocean near Florence, Ore. An art student who studied sculpture and ceramic art, Jenkins, now 51, started his well-charted walk in October 1973. "I set off with a backpack and my dog Cooper looking for America, searching for adventure, wondering about my country. I lived with and listened to people from every kind of life. I learned a great deal," he says. The two books documenting his travels became best sellers and still delight readers after all these years. Jenkins' most recent book, Looking For Alaska, is another step in his American journey. He and his family moved to the state for a year and a half, covering 20,000 miles as they explored the land and met the people who live there. They are now back home on a farm in Tennessee, and Jenkins is planning his next book and adventure.