Minnesota Teen Camps Out to Fight Homelessness

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on February 21, 2012
Peter Larson has slept outdoors in a cardboard box for 12 Minnesota winters to raise awareness about and money for homeless people.

Peter Larson was a first-grade Cub Scout the first time he camped out for a cause—raising awareness about and money for homeless people by sleeping outside in frigid Minnesota weather.

Now 17 and a senior at Wayzata High School, Peter has completed his 12th and final wintry season of sleeping outside in a cardboard box in his backyard in Plymouth, Minn., raising more than $500,000 to combat homelessness since that first night.

“It feels good,” says Peter, coming in from the cold on Jan. 1 after his final 48-night sleep-out.

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American Profile featured Peter in a 2009 cover story, prompting many of our readers to contribute money to support his efforts through Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners, a nonprofit organization that helps low-income families obtain affordable housing in the Minneapolis area.

Because the average cost to help one homeless family for a year is $2,000, Peter now can sleep well knowing he has helped more than 250 families.

“One person really can make a huge difference, even if they start small,” says Peter, who plans to study computer science in college beginning this fall.

“It all adds up.”