Musician Peter Tork

Celebrity Q&A, People
on May 18, 2008

Can you tell me what Peter Tork, my favorite Monkee, is up to these days?
—Carolynn Sanchez, Peralta, N.M.

Three years ago, after his father died, Tork moved to Connecticut to take over the family home, in which he grew up. "I wouldn't have gone to any lengths to keep the house, except it's pre-Revolutionary War, genuine Colonial," says Tork, 56, who continues making music with his post-Monkees band, Peter Tork and Shoe Suede Blues. If you're like most Monkees fans, you probably want to know if the '60s pop group has any plans to reunite. "The chances are fairly slim," says Tork, who is currently single and has two adult children from one relationship and a younger daughter from another.