‘Pete’s Dragon’ Blu-ray Review

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on November 4, 2012
Pete’s Dragon
Blu-ray + DVD Combo ($29.98)
The first Disney movie drawn by a crew other than the studio’s original core animation team, this 1977 comedy-musical romp melded a cast of live-action stars Mickey Rooney, singer Helen Reddy, Shelley Winters, Jim Backus and Red Buttons into a fanciful yarn about a young orphan boy, Pete, and his (cartoon) dragon friend, Elliott. The fact that only Pete can see Elliott creates quite a bit of confusion, and most of the movie’s comedy, in the setting of an otherwise quiet little fishing village in northeastern Maine. Bonus features include a documentary about the history of Disney’s groundbreaking marriage of live-action film with animation, and behind-the-scenes snippets of a song and scene from the movie.
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