‘Phil Spector Presents The Phillies Album Collection’ CD Review

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on October 30, 2011

Phil Spector Presents The Phillies Album Collection
Various artists
CD ($68.25)

What do "Da Doo Ron Ron," "He's A Rebel," "Let The Good Times Roll," "Be My Baby," "To Know Him Is To Love Him," "Spanish Harlem" and "Then He Kissed Me" have in common? Phil Spector. Most recently infamous for his 2009 conviction and imprisonment for the murder of a young Hollywood actress, Spector was the pioneering pop songwriter and producer known for his "Wall of Sound," a dense, layered sonic swell engineered for a bright cascade from AM radio speakers in the 1960s. This handsome 7-disc box set honors his many musical achievements, specifically the first six Spector-produced albums on Philadephia's Phillies label by the Crystalls, the Ronettes, Bob B. Soxx and the Blue Jeans, plus several other musical goodies and buried treasures, including a disc of rare instrumental B-sides.

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