Singer Polly Parsons

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on August 8, 2004

What is Polly Parsons, the daughter of musician Gram Parsons, doing these days?

—Richard F., New Jersey

“Over the last couple years I have been focusing on perpetuating my father’s music, not only to his die-hard fans, but to a new generation of music listeners,” says Polly Parsons, 36, the daughter of the late country-rock musician Gram Parsons. She staged several recent tribute concerts to her father in Nashville, Tenn., London and Los Angeles. “Before I started organizing this huge event, I had spent a portion of the last year getting into the research of my family history and where it was I came from and how I could best be of service to my father and his legacy,” she says. Parsons, who is single and lives in Los Angeles, also is a partner in an independent record label called Sin City Music.