Singer Porter Wagoner

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on September 7, 2003

My wife and I have listened to or watched Porter Wagoner for years. Can you tell us if he has a wife and family?
—Howard C., Nevada

The Thin Man from West Plains, Mo., immediately recognizable for his flashy costumes, jokes that he's "the most eligible bachelor in Nashville." Seriously, Porter Wagoner has been divorced for many years, but the country music legend has three adult children: two daughters and a son. Wagoner, who was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame last year, had a new gospel album released this summer by King Records. As a youngster, he fell in love with country music and taught himself guitar so he could sing and play along with the radio. His habit of playing and singing when business was slow at the grocery store where he worked inspired the store owner to sponsor an early morning radio show featuring the young singer. That eventually resulted in a television show and a record contract with RCA. In 1961, he began hosting his own television show, syndicated out of Nashville. In 1967, he introduced his audience to a then-unknown young singer named Dolly Parton.