‘P.S. I Still Hate It Here’ Book Review

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on June 17, 2012

P.S. I Still Hate It Here
Edited by Diane Falanga
Softcover, 160 pages ($12.95)

Inspired by her own preteen daughter’s overly dramatic missives from summer camp, the author has now assembled this second collection of 150 hilarious real letters from real kids reporting on homesickness, food, counselors, bug bites, new friends and the many other newsworthy happenings of rustic retreat life. “I know now that you must not miss me or love me,” writes Sharon. “If you did, you would pick me up from this GROSS camp.” “I have great news,” gushes Ashley. “The nurses haven’t found anything in my hair for the past two days!” “I have the best cabin,” reports Max. “We fake farted all night.”

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