‘Psych’ Cast

Celebrity Q&A
on September 16, 2011

Is it true that the cast of Psych likes to sing on the set?
—Robert Woodbridge, Anaheim, Calif.

That is a resounding yes. In fact, the song that the cast of the detective comedy-drama sings most often is “Happy Birthday.”

The practice began when one of the show’s guest stars actually had a birthday. But then, for some reason, they decided to send off all the visiting cast members with a rousing version of the song following their last filmed shot.

“Everybody loves to sing,” says Kirsten Nelson, who plays Karen Vick. “When 60 people are singing to you, you have a nice time.” One person who didn’t think it was such a nice time was Corbin Bernsen’s son. “I had my son come up and visit for his 13th birthday,” says the actor, 57, who plays Henry Spencer. “He came to the set and said, ‘Whatever you do, please, [not that].’ . . . They promised that they wouldn’t, and they still did.”

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