‘Twilight’ Star Rachelle Lafevre

Celebrity Q&A
on April 27, 2011

What happened to Rachelle Lefevre, who appeared in the first two Twilight movies, then disappeared?
—Jeanne Paulson, Citrus Springs, Fla.

Lefevre, 32, has gone Off the Map, joining the ABC medical drama in the role of Dr. Ryan Clark after being replaced in the third Twilight Saga movie by Bryce Dallas Howard. Lefevre’s recast was reportedly due to scheduling conflicts—she was filming another movie when production started on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. “I had no idea that Twilight was going to change my life, but I had no idea that I was going to end up doing a show [Off the Map] where I was going to have to move to Honolulu, either. This is the kind of business where you always have a suitcase packed.”

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