Actor Ray Milland

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on April 9, 2006

My brother and I disagree on a movie character. He starred in The Thing With Two Heads with Rosie Grier, and he also was the guy in a wheelchair who got eaten by frogs in Frogs. My brother says it's Robert Young from TV's Marcus Welby.
—Richard Murphy Jr., Columbus, Ga.

The actor you refer to is Ray Milland, a solid, second-string Hollywood performer who never rose to superstardom, but who certainly had his memorable movie moments—as the blue-blooded Bostonian dad opposed to the romance in Love Story, as the villain in Dial M for Murder, and his Oscar-winning turn as an alcoholic writer in The Lost Weekend. Later in his career, he became a go-to guy for a string of low-budget horror and science-fiction drive-in fare, including the two you remember from the 1970s. Milland also had his own TV comedy series (Meet Mr. McNulty) for a few years in the '50s. He died of lung cancer in 1986.