Singer Reba McEntire

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on December 4, 2005

Reba Rules the Roost

Reba McEntire's new, 35-song, two-disc compilation CD, Reba #1's, is a celebration of a singing career that has included 33 No. 1 hits from 29 albums, countless music awards and thousands of performances. Yet the unassuming Oklahoman still can recall the thrill of hearing her very first hit, "Can't Even Get the Blues," as she waited to get her broken-down tour bus repaired. "The left front wheel of our bus was about to fall off," she recalls. "There I was screaming in this greasy, old bus barn. That's a feeling you'll never forget. Mama was the first person I called." In addition to her first hit, other signature songs on the new CD, such as "Somebody Should Leave," "Little Rock," "Is There Life Out There" and "If You See Him, If You See Her," reveal why Reba's been a leading lady of country music for more than 20 years. Two new tracks complete the set: "You're Gonna Be" and the up-tempo "Love Needs A Holiday."