Ask AP: Rebecca Harrell

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on May 13, 2010

What is Rebecca Harrell, star of the 1989 Christmas film Prancer, doing today?
Jane McCormick, Green, Ohio

Harrell, 30, responds to your query via an e-mailed note: “I tell my story in my new book, Hot, Rich & Green, of how I went from child actor, to working in horror movies, to discovering my passion for the environment and making a difference through film. I went on to produce the Sundance Award-winning eco-documentary Fuel. I chair the (nonprofit) Veggie Van Organization, putting green curriculum in schools, and created the Algaeus, the world’s first algae-powered 150-mpg car, which I drove across the country with my husband, director/author/green activist Josh Tickell. My husband and I live in Venice Beach, Calif., with our pug, Mr. Brown.