Recipes for Easter Dinner

Food, Hometown Cooking, Seasonal, Traditions
on March 25, 2010

Dyeing eggs, hiding eggs, filling Easter baskets, making sure the family is all decked out for church—there’s scarcely time to think about Easter dinner. Here’s a meal that stars traditional Easter lamb and includes make-ahead sides and garnishes.

Lamb chops, grilled at the last moment, are garnished with a make-ahead relish of mangos and kiwifruit. Strawberries dress up the salad that’s flavored with a make-ahead vinaigrette. Mashed potatoes—either enriched with mascarpone cheese or simply prepared in the microwave—can be placed in a slow cooker to rewarm. The ingredients for the spinach can all be prepared ahead of time, waiting for a quick turn in a large skillet as the lamb chops are grilling. Cloverleaf rolls are started the day ahead and baked just before serving so that they are piping hot and ready for a smear of butter. And to cap the meal, a simple lemon sherbet, made a day or two in advance, provides a cool, sweet taste of spring.


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