‘Hungry Girl’ Host Shares Recipe Secrets

Celebrity Q&A
on October 19, 2012

How does TV’s “Hungry Girl” come up with her low-calorie recipes?
Olivia Chan, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Lisa Lillien, the star of the Food Network’s “Hungry Girl” series, 45, a native of North Woodmere, Long Island, N.Y., says she gets a lot of her ideas from watching television, seeing what other chefs are making and looking at what is being served in chain and fast-food restaurants that looks tasty. She also takes suggestions from subscribers to her daily e-mail blast that goes out to 1.2 million readers. “I am always hungry and always thinking of new things I want to create that are guilt- free,” says Lillien, whose new book, “Hungry Girl to the Max,” contains 650 recipes.

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