Richard Benjamin’s Recent Projects

Celebrity Q&A, Featured Article
on September 28, 2012


What is actor-director Richard Benjamin working on?
David Clary, Hartford, Conn.
The native New Yorker, 74, whose acting resume includes “The Sunshine Boys,” “Westworld” and “Goodbye, Columbus,” has turned his attention more and more to the other side of the camera. He’s directed 21 films, including “My Favorite Year,” “The Money Pit” and “Mermaids.” “There are two movies I’m trying to get made as a director,” he says. “It’s hard to get financing and a cast. I keep at it.” He and actress-wife Paula Prentiss, 74, co-starred in the 1967-1968 sitcom “He & She” and have been married 51 years. Their grown children Ross and Prentiss are actors, too.