Soap Star Richard Biggs

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on October 3, 2004

Sometime in late 2003, one of the actors on Days of Our Lives passed away and I didn’t catch the name. Who was it?

—Barbara G., Texas

No one at the daytime drama was aware of anyone associated with the show dying in 2003, but you might mean Richard Biggs, 44, who died in May 2004 of a tear in his aorta. Biggs played Dr. Marcus Hunter on Days for five years during the 1980s. He also was known for his role as Dr. Stephen Franklin on the science-fiction series Babylon 5. More recent roles included that of Detective Bill Moody on Lifetime’s Any Day Now and Strong Medicine, and a recurring role as Clayton Boudreaux on CBS’s Guiding Light. Biggs, who was hearing impaired, often raised money for Rancho Viejo School for the deaf and hearing-impaired in Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif (pop. 47,214). He is survived by his wife, Lori, and two sons.