CNN’s Rick Sanchez

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on January 9, 2005

What can you tell me about Rick Sanchez?
—Louis O., New Mexico

Sanchez co-anchors CNN Live Today with Daryn Kagan. He began his job at the news network in September and found himself reporting on his home state, Florida, as it was hit by hurricanes Ivan and Jeanne. A Miami native, Sanchez got his start on a local newscast there. Later, he also had his own Spanish-language talk show on the station. "I never imagined that someone like me could get into journalism," he says, referring to his Hispanic heritage. "Growing up, you didn't see people like me on television. Thankfully, professors at the University of Minnesota and the CBS internship program gave me a scholarship which has led me down an unbelievable career." Now living in Atlanta, Sanchez is married and has four children.