Singer Rick Trevino

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on May 2, 2004

I am a huge fan of Rick Trevino. Can you tell me more about his background and family?
—Hattie G., Texas

The Texas native released a new album last fall. In My Dreams reflects the path he took to rebuild his career after his record label dropped him in 1999. Trevino grew up in a suburb of Austin, where he worked hard at music. At 19, he was signed to a record deal by Sony, where he established himself with a half-dozen hits and a gold record. Though he won a Grammy for Best Mexican-American Album for a recording with Los Super Seven in 1999, his record company dropped him a month later. As his career dissolved around him, the son of a Tejano musician, delved further into his Mexican heritage, blending Latin influences into his mainstream country approach. Still, memories of his father's music weren't happy: "I always associated it with family dysfunction and alcoholism," Trevino says. However, he believes dealing with those issues and working with Latin music helped him discover an "organic, less forced" voice. He and his wife, Karla, live in Austin, with their two children.