Reality Television Star Rob Mariano

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on August 5, 2007

Q What is "Boston Rob" Mariano doing these days? I loved him on Survivor and The Amazing Race.
—Cindy S., Palo Alto, Calif.

Boston-born Mariano, 31, didn't win either one of those TV showdowns. But he learned a lot, and he's now putting his experience to work as the host of a new in-the-works TV competition called Tontine. He's traveling city-to-city to audition gung-ho, willing-to-do-anything contestants for a scheming 100-day race that will visit every continent on Earth before awarding one final winner a cool $10 million. What makes the former reality-show competitor the perfect reality-show host? "I know all the tricks of the trade," he says with a grin. Tontine will tape later this year and air next spring.