Ask AP: Robert Duvall

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on November 16, 2008

Did Robert Duvall ever have a part in a soap opera? I believe as a young man he played the part of Janet Bergman’s husband on the old soap Search for Tomorrow.

—Ann Kurp, Monroeville, Pa.

Search for Tomorrow launched a lot of actors on their way to stardom, including Kevin Bacon, Jill Clayburgh, Hal Linden and Susan Sarandon. But Robert Duvall, now 77, wasn’t one of them. The character of Janet Bergman was married three times on the soap, first to Bud Gardner, played by George Maharis (1960-61); then to Dr. Dan Walton, played by Martin E. Brooks (1960-61), Philip Abbott (1961-63) and Ron Husmann (1971-72); and, finally, to Dr. Wade Collins, played by John Cunningham (1971-77).