The Rev. Robert Schuller

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on December 5, 2004

Does the Rev. Robert Schuller broadcast "live" on Sunday at 8 a.m.? Especially of interest was the Easter service. Was this an authentic Easter service?
—Joanne S., Florida

Robert Schuller, who has been an ordained minister in the Reformed Church in America since 1950, conducts Sunday services at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, Calif., at 9:25 a.m. and 11:05 a.m. The service you see on television is one of those services on tape that's broadcast a week later. The Easter service is from the previous year, with a more recent sermon dubbed in to replace the original. Services at the Crystal Cathedral are open to the public, and while there's lots of room, most people arrive about 15 minutes before the service starts to park and settle into their seats.