‘Rock Chronicles’ Book Review

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on January 5, 2013
Rock Chronicles

“Rock Chronicles”
Dave Roberts, General Editor
Softcover, 576 pages ($29.95 / Firefly Books)

Never falter again in a discussion about which Beach Boys albums had guitar licks provided by Glen Campbell; who got kicked out of the Beatles first, Pete Best or Stu Sutcliffe; or which original Eagles members were session musicians, which one was in Poco, and who was a Flying Burrito Brother. This delightfully exhausting encyclopedia reveals all, in its complete rundown of 250 of rock’s all-time most successful and important acts of the past 50 years, with photos, detailed biographies, and (most interesting of all) color-coded timelines of the comings and goings of groups members, the instruments they played, albums they made, and the various record labels with which they were affiliated. Rock geeks, prepare to feast.