Actor Ron Glass

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on August 7, 2005

Whatever happened to actor Ron Glass of Barney Miller fame?
—Elizabeth O., Massachusetts

Ron Glass, who was raised in Evansville, Ind., has remained very busy since he played police Detective Ron Harris on the TV series Barney Miller, which aired from 1975 until 1982. He's had guest roles on TV series such as Friends, All in the Family and Amen. Glass portrays Shepherd Book in the movie Serenity, which is based on the science fiction series Firefly and due out in September. Glass also can be heard as the voice of Randy Carmichael in the TV show Rugrats. When he thinks back to Barney Miller days, he says not one specific incident comes to mind, but "the happiness I feel when I recall the creative process by which Harris evolved from a generic black guy into a full-fledged, full flushed-out characterization that we created together," says Glass, 60, who has never been married—"although I've come close." You can write him c/o Mitchell K. Stubbs and Associates, 8675 West Washington Blvd., Suite 203, Culver City, CA 90232, Attention: Sean.