Salvage 1′

Celebrity Q&A
on January 21, 2007

Q There once was a TV show or movie about a salvage yard owner who built a rocket ship. I think it starred Andy Griffith and was set in the 1970s. Can you help me with the name of the show?
—Jim Key, Conway, Ark.

Salvage 1 was a 1979 TV movie that kicked off a comedy-adventure series about a junkyard owner, played by Andy Griffith, who built a spaceship and went to the moon to bring back debris left behind by Apollo lunar excursions. Subsequent missions found the Salvage 1 crew back on Earth, rounding up rare island monkeys, destroying a killer iceberg, exploring a haunted mansion and snatching a downed U.S. bomber from an army of Japanese bandits who never found out World War II was over. The series wasn't a hit and lasted only a few episodes before the network pulled the plug.


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