Sam Huntington of ‘Being Human’

Celebrity Q&A, People
on March 1, 2012

What can you tell me about Sam Huntington, who plays the werewolf in Being Human?

—Claire Forbes, Concord, N.H.

Before landing the role of the werewolf on the TV series, Huntington, 29, was best known for his film roles as Jimmy Olsen in Superman Returns, Ox in Not Another Teen Movie and Mimi-Siku in Jungle 2 Jungle.

The Peterborough, N.H.-born actor began practicing his craft age 9 under the direction of his mother, Christine Stabile, as a part of her children's theater, The Black Box. His professional career also began on stage with the Peterborough Players in his home state, where he performed such roles as Jem in To Kill a Mockingbird from 1991-1994.

Huntington's acting roots also extend to his great uncle Ralph Bellamy, who won a Lifetime Achievement Academy Award, which came to his nephew upon Bellamy's death.

When he was 13, Huntington's family took an apartment in New York City, where he landed his first feature film, Jungle 2 Jungle. His other movie roles include Detroit Rock City, Rolling Kansas and Fanboys.

On TV, he has guested in Law & Order, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York and Veronica Mars.

Being Human is the story of a vampire, a witch and a werewolf who are roommates in Boston, and Huntington says he is glad he was cast as the werewolf "because you are normal, and then you are kind of a badass. You get to be a totally cool dude for most of the month and then you just lock yourself up [for the full moon]. If you're a ghost, you're dead. You can't do anything fun. As a vampire, you are also dead, and you drink blood, which is gross."

Huntington's current home project is an addition to his New Hampshire residence to prepare for the arrival of his second child.