Actor Sam Worthington

Celebrity Q&A
on April 11, 2011

What can you tell me about Sam Worthington? I saw him in Clash of the Titans and thought he was great.
—Alison Unrau, Corydon, Ind.

Born in England and raised in Australia, the 34-year-old actor worked as a bricklayer while building his movie and television resume. His Hollywood career took off in 2009 with starring roles in two sci-fi blockbusters, Terminator Salvation and Avatar. In last year’s Clash of the Titans, he played Perseus, the mythological Greek demigod, king and monster slayer. “I make movies that I would love to go and see,” he says. “That’s the lucky thing about my job. I pinch myself all the time that I’m in this position to make these fun, buoyant, vibrant movies—that I would pay to see.”

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