Actor-director Sammo Hung

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on December 30, 2001

Can you give me some information on Sammo Hung, who was in the series Martial Law? My family and I thought he was great in the show and hated to see it canceled.
—Ellen S., Illinois

Martial arts expert Sammo Hung has directed, acted in, or produced more than 160 films and is considered a pillar of the film industry in his native Hong Kong. He has received three Hong Kong Film Awards. In 1999, he was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Asian American International Film Festival. Hung, who turns 50 Jan. 7, also has directed Jackie Chan and Jet Li films. From 1998-2000, Hung starred in the CBS crime and action drama Martial Arts, in which he played a Shanghai police officer and martial arts expert in Los Angeles. Fans can check out the action feature Raging Silence with Richard Grieco, which was slated for a late November release. Legend of Zu was released in Asian theaters in August but currently has no U.S. release date. Hung and his wife, Mina, divide their time between homes in Encino, Calif., and Hong Kong.