Sandra Bullock on Motherhood

Celebrity Q&A, People
on February 15, 2012

Is Sandra Bullock going to give up acting for motherhood?

—Sally Smothers, Ocala, Fla.

It took an amazing story to get Bullock, 47, to return to the screen after a two-year absence, during which she enjoyed being a full-time mother. But she made the choice to return because she was very taken by both the book and the script for Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

She jokes that she is only on the screen for 24 minutes, but they are important moments sprinkled throughout.

"I don't know how many opportunities like this there will be with stories like this, with directors and casts like this. You can't say no to that," says the Virginia-born Academy Award winner for The Blind Side.

So while we may not be seeing Bullock in movies as often as we did in past years, she isn't going to totally disappear. But right now her focus lies on taking care of adopted son Louis.

"I was just so happy being a mom. I'm still very happy being a mom. That just shifted [me away from acting] and became my full priority. And I was so good there and still am very good there. Whatever next opportunity I was given had to be an amazing opportunity for myself and my son. It was no longer 'selfish actress' having a moment. I wanted to have an amazing time with him and myself. In every possibly way, it was the best."