Singer Sara Bareilles

Celebrity Q&A, People
on October 1, 2011

With Sara Bareilles' career as successful as it is, why did she decide to become the new judge on The Sing-Off?
—Ed Martinelli, Charlotte, N.C.

The three-time Grammy Award nominee, 31, admits to having been a fan of The Sing-Off from its beginning. "I'm such an a cappella nerd and such a fan that it seemed like just a really wonderful way to join up with a killer cast of characters, and, of course, it's nice to let people to see who I am in terms of my personality and what I have to offer as a judge," says the singer, best known for the hit single Love Song.

Bareilles says her judging style is honest and fair but also kind. "I think we've all received criticism over the years and, you know, you get the most out of someone taking into consideration that they're vulnerable up there. That's how they have the most potential for growth.