How to Make a Saw Cart

Featured Article, Household DIY Tips
on February 21, 2013
saw cart

To address the problems of limited workspace and flying sawdust, Club member Norwood Ecklund of Turtle Lake, Wisconsin, built this mobile platform for his bench-top table saw and stand. It has the added benefit of providing extra storage space. The platform perimeter is constructed with 2x4s mitered at the corners and grooved on the inside to accept the 1/2-inch plywood base. Norwood used 6-inch lawn mower wheels and 1/2‑inch threaded rods to make the platform mobile. To minimize lateral wheel movement, he cut narrow wheel slots and put fender washers on both sides of each wheel. The saw remains stationary when he’s cutting because the wheels run parallel with the front of the saw. To be safe, he also wedges shim stock between the wheels and plywood base.